Environmental, Social and Governance

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Social Responsibility


The Corporation attaches great importance to the establishment and maintenance of the EHS system. We have established and continuously improved the EHS management system, set up full-time posts for real-time monitoring and regular reviewing, organized various forms of learning and training, increased the attention and awareness of all employees, and finally implemented them in actual production.


From the research and development stage, we have avoided the use of highly toxic raw materials and solvents, and have continued to invest in improving working conditions and workplace health and safety. We have established a tail gas absorption system, and established a sewage treatment station that can treat 500 tons of sewage per day. (COD≤350) so as to minimize or even completely eliminate the occurrence of pollution accidents, environmental pollution and occupational diseases. 

Environmental protection is our primary responsibility

Prevention focuses on avoiding occupational hazards

Safe Production, Full Participation

Save energy, reduce pollution and promote sustainable development.

Whale Corporation, a modern and international enterprise, is committed to its responsibilities and contributions to the environment, consumers, local communities, and society at large. We prioritize sustainable development, optimize our industrial structures, and actively engage in environmental protection and social development. Our efforts aim to create value for society while minimizing negative impacts.


We strive to achieve this by promoting technological advancements, enhancing employee welfare, and adopting sustainable business practices. By optimizing our industrial processes and prioritizing the well-being of our employees, we contribute to the overall development of our communities and ensure a balance between economic growth and environmental preservation. Our commitment to responsible business practices drives us to make positive contributions to society and create a better future for all.

Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development

Whale Corporation is dedicated to protecting resources, promoting sustainable development, and purifying the environment. For over 20 years, we have reduced resource consumption and minimized pollution through technological innovation. We take responsibility for safeguarding the interests of the community, striving to reconcile urban industrial development with environmental preservation. Our commitment is to create a sustainable and thriving environment for all.

Employee Oriented

Human resources are not only a valuable asset to society but also a driving force behind the Corporation's development. As a high-tech enterprise in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, ensuring the health and safety of our employees is fundamental to our operations. Building upon this foundation, we are committed to providing all Corporation employees with a comfortable office environment, a meaningful humanistic atmosphere, an advanced scientific setting, and an up-to-date development platform. Cultivating highly skilled and competitive employees while fostering a strong sense of unity within the organization is our primary focus and direction.

Public welfare activities

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