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Employee Oriented

Diligent and self driven, down-to-earth, persistent and resolute in decision-making
The key to success lies in people. What we need to do is to be industrial and grounded, and to excel in a forward-looking strategic vision and decisive decision-making speed.
We believe that every "Jingyu person" should have their own vision and pursuit for the future of the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. The integration of personal vision and company vision, the alignment of employee career development with company mission and responsibility, make "Jingyu people" more "master oriented".

Salary and benefits

Competitive salary levels, project bonuses, profit sharing, year-end bonuses, five insurances and one fund, meal subsidies, accommodation subsidies, seniority allowances, job allowances, team building activities, and holiday benefits

Career Development

We provide two development paths, professional and management, to meet the needs of different types of talents, and reasonably match employee career plans, so that every employee can achieve lifelong growth within the group.

Different from traditional management models and promotion frameworks, appointment is based on merit and meritocracy, allowing every capable and successful talent to receive satisfactory job promotions and compensation.

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Organic Synthesis Assistant/Junior Researcher


Undergraduate course

Fangshan, Beijing


Job Description:

1. Independently review and analyze organic synthesis literature, and complete the preliminary design of compound synthesis routes based on the literature;

2. Collaborate with team members to complete challenging organic synthesis research projects, promptly identify and solve problems encountered in organic synthesis experiments;

3. Submit compounds within the specified time, write clear and complete organic synthesis experimental records, submit experimental data materials, and complete project reports;

4. Assist in the construction and management of laboratories and production equipment, as well as laboratory compliance.



1. Bachelor degree or above, major in chemistry, organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, etc;

2. Having 1-3 years of relevant work experience, fresh graduates are also eligible;

3. Possess a solid foundation of professional knowledge and skills, as well as good analytical, communication, and learning abilities.

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Preparation project management


Undergraduate course

Beijing Yizhuang


Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for project research, design, and implementation, conducting literature review and analysis, evaluating project feasibility, and developing project plans;

2. Responsible for organizing and resolving various technical issues during the project research process, controlling project progress, coordinating internal and external resources to ensure project progress implementation;

3. Responsible for formulating drug quality research plans, organizing the implementation of drug quality research work, and monitoring compliance;

4. Responsible for writing CTD materials, project application, drug registration and other related materials, and submitting and responding.


Job requirements:

1. Bachelor's degree or above, major in chemistry or pharmacy;

2. More than 5 years of relevant work experience, with rich experience in formulation analysis, consistency evaluation, and project management;

3. Having good English reading and writing skills, as well as strong data retrieval, integration and analysis skills;

4. Has strong communication skills, a strong sense of responsibility, and is willing to develop together with the company.

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Pharmaceutical BD Manager


Undergraduate course


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Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the development and expansion of the company's related business, familiar with the company's product services, and continuously developing business cooperation models.

2. Continuously engage in customer contact and maintain customer relationships, regularly participate in exhibitions, effectively integrate resources, and facilitate project cooperation.

3. Collect and analyze important industry information and data, evaluate the feasibility of potential projects, and actively explore domestic and international markets.

4. Responsible for business negotiations, contract signing and execution, and handling related business matters.


Job requirements:

1. Bachelor's degree or above, with at least 5 years of work experience in international pharmaceutical companies.

2. Understand pharmaceutical regulations and policies, have industry sensitivity, and have the ability to independently develop customers.

3. Possess strong interpersonal and communication skills, as well as problem-solving skills.

4. Good English reading and writing skills, good customer service awareness and flexibility.

5. Strong work independence and initiative, able to accept business trips, willing to develop together with the company.

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