Whale Corp with 2023 CPHI China & Korea

2023.6.19 - 6.21 in Shanghai, Booth No. E1H30 / 2023.8.30 - 9.1 in Seoul, Booth No. F28

Revamp An Innovative Formulation R&D Center

The strategic restructuring of Whale Corp and Whale BQJ has been completed.

The formulation project research and commercialization have commenced

Jingyu Group has registered and established Anhui Jingyu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Developing an integrated industrial base for high-end active pharmaceutical ingredients and innovative formulations

Jingyu Group has successfully founded Inner Mongolia Jingyu Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.

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Service Scope

We offer stable and advanced technologies that comply with international standards for research and production purposes. This enables diverse industrial collaborations and facilitates the expansion of research and production capabilities.

Medicinal Chemistry

We specialize in the production and sales of high-value specialty active ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry. Our main business revolves around the production and distribution of active ingredients for small molecule chemical drugs and pharmaceutical intermediates.

Functional Chemistry

We focus on fine chemical businesses related to basic chemicals, advanced dyes, materials, and more. Our emphasis is on revolutionary green chemical processes that enable large-scale, continuous production of a wide range of products.

Customized Synthesis

The company promotes innovative technological R & D, process R & D and optimization, and further provides customized production services for pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs on this basis.

Formulation Development

We concentrate on research, development, and technological advancements in specialty preparations, highly challenging preparations, and innovative preparations. Our involvement spans multiple treatment areas, including gastrointestinal drugs, nervous system drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, and cardiovascular disease treatment drugs. Our product range encompasses various dosage forms such as tablets, granules, capsules, enteric-coated pellets, small-volume injections, large infusion fluids, freeze-drying, and inhalers.

News & Events

Embrace innovation, remain at the forefront, foster collaborations, and drive industry advancement.

Confirmed: Join us at CPhI Barcelona 2023 - Let's Exchange Innovative Ideas and Foster Fruitful Discussions

Confirmed: Our Booth for CPhI China & Korea 2023 - Excited to Connect and Share Ideas with Our Partners

Whale Corp participated in the Beijing Tianjin Hebei Special Session of Inner Mongolia Investment Promotion and Project Signing Conference

Whale Corp Engages in Collaborative Visit to Fudan University's School of Pharmacy

Long-Term Partner Sumitomo Chemical Senior Executives Visit Whale Corp

Whale Corp Hosts Visit from Ulanqab Medical College Leaders

Cooperative Partner

Our main partners include renowned pharmaceutical companies and research institutions both domestically and internationally.

Qihui Biopharmaceutical
Sumitomo Chemical
Zhengda Tianqing Pharmaceutical
Huahai Pharmaceutical
Kailaiying Pharmaceutical Group (Tianjin) Co., Ltd