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Research and development assistant (pharmacology major preferred)


Undergraduate course



Job responsibilities:

1. Assist experts in conducting domestic and foreign literature search, data integration and analysis work required for the project, providing good information reference and support for the preliminary work of the project.

2. Conduct experimental research related to the project under the guidance of experts, timely record and report experimental data, and summarize experimental experiences and achievements.

3. Assist experts in completing the initiation, data writing and organization, application and delivery of relevant scientific research projects, and timely follow up and report on project progress.

4. Participate in the group's R&D project initiation discussion and report relevant R&D work to the group's general manager.


Job requirements:

1. Graduated from the 2023 undergraduate or master's degree program in pharmacy, pharmaceutical engineering, agricultural pharmacy, applied chemistry, materials and chemical related majors;

2. Solid professional foundation, participated in scientific research projects as a major member during school, able to independently carry out basic experimental operations, and familiar with commonly used experimental instruments;

3. Possess good literature retrieval skills in both Chinese and English, and be proficient in information and data retrieval and integration analysis;

4. Have strong communication skills and subjective initiative, a strong sense of responsibility, and are willing to develop together with the company.

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