Customized Synthesis

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Beijing Whale Pharmatech Co.,Ltd

hereinafter referred to as: Whale Pharmatech

Main Business

Whale Pharmatech focuses on the CDMO business of small molecule innovative drugs

Development of Characteristic Molecular Building Blocks

Development of Characteristic Molecular Building Blocks

The company has developed a library of characteristic molecular building blocks to provide innovative pharmaceutical companies and other companies with raw materials for drug molecular building blocks and process development of new molecular building blocks. At present, it has matured production processes for various characteristic molecular building blocks including pyridines, indoles, and bromine-containing heterocycles.

Technical Advantages

The team consists of members who have graduated from renowned universities both domestically and internationally. They possess extensive experience in drug synthesis and production, particularly excelling in areas such as "asymmetric synthesis," "enzyme catalysis," and "microreactors." These technical advantages provide robust technical support for the entire process, from drug discovery to commercial production, ensuring the continuous iteration of superior drug varieties.

Technical Advantages