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Whale Corp Hosts Visit from Ulanqab Medical College Leaders

On February 10, Whale Corp had the privilege of hosting a visit from esteemed guests, including Zhao Erdeni, Secretary of the Party Committee of Wulanchabu Medical College, Wang Suhua, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Principal, and Song Rongchang, Member of the Party Committee and Director of the Party and Government Office. The purpose of their visit was to engage in fruitful exchanges and discussions.

During the meeting, Wang Fuping, Chairman of Whale Corp, and Gao Ming, General Manager, provided an overview of the company's strategic vision, business layout, core products, and growth advantages. They also expressed their anticipation for the future construction plans of Whale Corp's production base and the substantial demand for specialized personnel in the pharmaceutical field.

In response, the leaders from Wulanchabu Medical College acknowledged the compatibility of certain majors offered by the school with pharmaceutical companies. They expressed their hope that through this negotiation, both the institution and the enterprise could identify points of cooperation, establish a framework for school-enterprise collaboration, and enhance personnel training. The leaders emphasized the importance of deepening cooperation in areas such as industry-education integration, joint development of majors, and social services. They aimed to foster resource sharing, leverage complementary strengths, and achieve common development.

Moving forward, Whale Corp is committed to strengthening its collaboration with educational institutions. The company will deepen cooperation and co-construction efforts in personnel training, social services, and other relevant areas. They seek to establish a long-term mechanism for collaborative education, working closely with schools to build a new development pattern that fosters mutual benefits and creates a win-win situation for both academia and industry.


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Other Developments

Whale Corp has been recognized as an innovative small and medium-sized enterprise in Beijing

Recently, after self-evaluation by enterprises and review by the District Economic and Information Bureau, Beijing Jingyu Furui Technology Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jingyu Group") has been recognized as an innovative small and medium-sized enterprise in Beijing, and will enjoy personalized services and financial support from various districts in Beijing for innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, thereby further accelerating its growth into a specialized, refined, and innovative small and medium-sized enterprise.



Whale Corp has obtained ISO9001 certification

Recently, Beijing Jingyu Furui Technology Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jingyu Group") obtained ISO9001 (Quality Management System Standard) certification. This certification marks that Jingyu Group has established a comprehensive quality management system in all aspects of management, products, market, and after-sales service, entering a standardized, standardized, and scientific modern enterprise management track, and has the ability to continuously and stably provide high-quality, efficient, and safe services to partners.